Journey up to Fløyen on Funicular Floibanen, Bergen Norway.

I took this interesting trip to Norway some time back and its totally worth going. In my travel plan i decided to include Bergen, Voss and Flam. Norway in itself is very beautiful and scenic. Bergen is one of the cities that you must add to your itinerary of Norway holiday. I so much enjoyed my stay there that i really wanna go back again sometime. Bergen is the capital of Hordaland and totally breathtaking, This blog i am specifically writing to share pictures and information on Funicular Floibanen which is one of the major attractions in Bergen.

If you want to capture an exciting view of Bergen city, Floyen is must go place. Take the Floibanen rail to reach top @ Mount Fløyen…….!! In no time Floibanen funicular takes you to Mount Fløyen. If you are in Bergen then its a must go place, Please do check COVID-19 guidelines before going there as it’s a pre COVID video/pictures that i am posting.

  • Starting point : 2 mins walk from Bergen city center, (Vetrlidsalmenning)
  • Travel duration 5 to 6 mins

This picture was taken while i was walking towards lower terminus from Bergen city center.

It was rainy and cloudy day so i could not take any walking or hiking tours. But there are hiking options as well from Mount Floyen towards Mount Ulriken. Also there is Skomakerdiket lake situated at 10mins walking distance. Few pictures below taken at Floyen. Also there is a beautiful cafe, where you can feed your cravings for sweets,pastries and Ice-cream. 🍦

Check out my experience in video below. The train was little bit crowded only few seats were available, But still i managed to record short video. 👇👇

Short video of magnificent ride. 👌

Please share your pictures and experience in comment section below. I would love to hear from each one of you, Thanks…!! 😊

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2 months ago

Beautiful 😍.

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