Exciting Chandigarh To Goa by Road!! Striking Road Trip to GOA is one of the best long drives.

“Road trips are the equivalent of human wings”

Chandigarh to Goa on Road Trip Overview

  • 3 days long drive with a Honda Jazz 
  • 2200 KMs,
  • With an average of 17.0 KM/ph; a Total of 4950 KM.

Covering states Punjab>> Haryana>> Rajasthan>>Gujarat>>Maharashtra>>Karnataka —->GOA and of course multiple cities… ♥

On the day of travel, we were quite oblivious about this trip due to COVID, We all were in a dilemma to GO FOR IT or just drop the plan. As it was March 2020 just the beginning of COVID, Long story short, after lots of discussions we planned to make it Happen.. ♥. No Doubt the journey was quite long but it was amazing to cross different states and terrains. Driving on beautiful highways that are part of a golden quadrilateral is astounding. So many beautiful landscapes you will come across. Most of the roads are in very good condition so driving will not be much tiring. If you are planning for such a long road trip you must go for it…. its real FUN and ADVENTURE. Watch the exciting journey in the video below..!! More info and details are below.

FEW TIP for Long Road Trips.

Every road trip is unique still few standard tips for road trips might help you.  This is from my experience and will help you as well.

  • 1st thing 1st Make sure to keep your spare tyre (Stepney) in good shape. Yes, it is a must.
  • Going to GOA means you will be driving on different terrains (Plains, hills, rough roads) make sure to check the condition of your tyres and car before you plan for a long journey.
  • Do check the roads/routes you going to take well in advance.
  • Keep a map, Yes a paper map, or maybe a specific navigation device. Google Maps will NOT help always. There are high chances you might miss a route or take a wrong turn and Google Maps will never fail to show you the shortest path even if it goes through hell. It can take you to the narrowest and busiest street. Avoid using Google Maps always. 
  • Try to follow NHs (National Highways) wherever possible and search for SH(State Highways) before you take them as the conditions of all SHs will not be good.
  • Many roads under construction/newly constructed or blocked due to any reason will not be shown on the map clearly, If lost/confused rather than taking Google Maps get help from local people or street vendors.
  • You must take a rest on its long journey, Not only you, but your car will also need some rest
  • Keep the fast tag active and loaded with money it will ease your travel as you will come across many tolls in all the states.
  • Keep your car papers handy and complete
  • Join roadside assistance on the safer side, At Least if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere you will have some help available.
  • Keep your car filled with snacks, drinks, and chips.. So along the way, you won’t find good eating joints everywhere. In every state, you will find something unique.
  • A few additional things can be taken in the car on the safer side, A rope, torch, and water bottles

Breathtaking views on the way…. 🙂

Picture Gallery

  • Nargol

List of cities you will cross from Chandigarh to Goa

As many of you asked me to share the route I followed so here is the list of stations you will cross from North  TO  South.

  • Started in Zirakpur (Punjab)
  • Took Chandigarh – Delhi highway
  • After Sonipat takes the Eastern peripheral Expressway towards Jaipur,
  • We took a break for the night @ 01:00 AM on Pushkar Bypass Hokaran.
  • Started in the morning again @ 08:30 AM
  • Crossed Ajmer
  • Pali
  • Took NH62, Crossed Veerwada, and entered Gujarat
  • Palanpur
  • Unjha
  • Ahmedabad 
  • Took NH08 Vaghodia-kapurai
  • Took Break at 01:00 AM again near Bhanodra Road (Surat)
  • Took NH48, Balwada (Navsari)
  • Patlara (Daman and Diu) Drove from here for 2.5hrs and entered Maharashtra
  • Took Pune – Goa road from there 
  • Pune
  • Took a break after Pune in Belagavi (Karnataka)
  • From Belagavi we took Chorla Ghaat road
  • Entered Goa Finally…. ✌️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻

I have also tried to put this entire journey in this video which might help you a little more. Please check below.

Total Toll and Fuel cost

This cost depends on the route that you take. I am adding this cost as per the year 2020 and the above-mentioned route.  We spent a total of Rs 4500 on the toll which includes both sides. And the total count of tolls one way was 34. Approx 130lts of petrol one side which cost approx Rs 10,000.  

Yeahhh Finally GOA. As it said, “The freedom of the open road is seductive, serendipitous, and liberating.”  and it makes sense when you drive for such long hours and finally make it to Goa. So happy to share this blog and video.

Glimpses of the trip in video

It was such a blissful journey and enriching trip that it has become an integral part of my LIFE journey. You can watch a short video of this trip. Thanks for reading. Plan your trip & post your experience in the comments below. ♥

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