5 Reasons Why it’s “Perfectly OK” to stay “Single” until you find your True Companion……….. 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻

It’s very normal for everyone to dream about a perfect partner and perfect relationships, And sometimes in the dream of that perfect relationship, we forget ourselves and self-love. Each one of us will come across different relationships in different phases of our life, which may or may not work out but will always teach us some good life lessons. Sometimes looking at other couples and friends in a relationship make us feel that we are missing out on something in life. But it’s not at all true.

You will always get the best of everything, Be it a relationship, job, or anything that you desire, But only when you will focus on your dreams and positive aspects of your life. Here are few things that I am sharing from my personal life experience. I am pretty sure you will also agree to this.

1. Life-giving you this chance to understand yourself even better

As soon as we grow up in our late 20s or early 30s we start getting better clarity of our life goals. As we evolve we have a better perspective of our dream life. Rather than feeling sad or lonely about not being in a stable relationship, one should invest this time in self-love. Admiring yourself for who you are and what you want to be.

2. Use this solo time to explore your dreams and live the same

Take risks, do different things that scare you, break the rules. Live the life with the least resistance rather than waiting for a relationship to happen, Eventually, you will get the best companion with whom you will feel everything complete. Use this time to build your career or learn something new if you wish to. Life after marriage would be very beautiful but it will be entirely different from what it is today. Live in the present rather than worrying about the future.

The left side is a picture of me from my 1st solo international trip which I did on my birthday in 2018, If I would have got married by this time, I would have never got the chance to do this awesome trip. This was one of the most happening trips in my life.😍😍😍 

3. Attain clarity on what kind of partner you want to spend your life with

Now if you are already in your late 20s and early 30s by this time you are already mature enough to understand what type of partner you are looking for. You would know your best fit. You will know your flaws as well as your strengths. You will be able to blend very well with your partner as both of you will practically get into a relationship with mutual understanding. Rather than being in a bad relationship or one-sided immature relationship. It’s perfectly ok to stay single.

4. Being with the right person is an important part of life

No, It’s big No, Don’t get married only for the sake of getting married or your relatives are pushing for that. Get married if you think that you have found your true mate and companion to share your life with. It’s all about complimenting each other rather than expecting out from another person. Everyone has a different perspective on relationships and with life, you should have the patience to wait for the one who values your way of life as much as his/her.

5. You will learn to follow your inner voice

When in the early 20s most of us will have easy-going life, But as we grow up many life priorities are defined and set. Better channelization of energy with a clear focus. Long-term – short-term goals are set with a better vision. You will be paying more attention to your emotions and inner voice. This will help you develop significant and quality relationships with your better half & creating a beautiful relationship and never-ending bond.

Being single for long doesn’t mean you are bad or not worth any relationship, It’s just that your right man/ lady has not bumped into you so far. Trust the process and have faith, Universe is working for your happiness and wellbeing and you will always reciprocate what you desire.

Once you will desire a beautiful and love-full relationship it will always always come to you. Getting married late is far better than getting married early in a screwed-up relationship. 

We are not saying here that early 20s marriage will never work out or will not be a happier one, But what we mean is ‘you don’t have to rush into a relationship’, being worried that your age clock is ticking or being sad about feeling lonely in life, this won’t help.

Thanks 🙏 friends for stopping by and reading my blog. Please share your comments & opinions below section. Let me know if you think differently.


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Well written. Amazing 👏


Inspiring Article…😊


Amazing write up ..👏🏻👍🏼All the best


Nicely explained. However, sometimes even the late 20s are also not good enough to decide whether one has bumped onto the right partner.
It’s always a risk either or both the parties take. However you have rightly mentioned that rather than speculating the future related to the complimentary life partner, one can definitely use that time to upgrade oneself by all means. And travelling definitely is one aspect of it.


Everyone keeps saying self love. But i dont understand how?

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