Drop kasol and visit this offbeat destination “Katagla” for spectacular vacation. Solo trip to fascinating small village near Kasol.

"Living in small village(Katagla) far from city and its noise has its own charm and magic. It becomes even more enchanting when you have splendid nature all around you."

My travel story: Trip to Katagla

Confined to the four walls for several months made me feel restricted and tedious. Nobody could even foresee the end of pandemic, it was even getting worse. Inside i was poised to travel but could not make up my mind, So much mental resistances was there due to many factors and other things happening around. Initially the planned destination in my mind was Goa , India and i was thinking to book tickets for the same based on some planned dates in upcoming weeks.

But something else even more beautiful was lined up for my vacation. Next morning i was searching flights for Goa and i saw flights for Kullu, suddenly Kasol came to my mind. When i checked flight timings for Kullu it was next morning 8AM 😱, and reaching Kasol form Kullu was just 40km. In the snap of a moment i made my mind and booked one way tickets. I told myself to forget the huddles and take this flight anyway. Later i told my family that i am going tomorrow 😁.

I did all my pending chores and packed my bag 💼 , as time was quite limited. I managed to complete all the stuff and reached Chandigarh airport around 07:15 AM, That was the time i felt it real, It was so much exciting and scary(due to covid) both at the same time. Everything went perfectly smooth and within 30mins after the flight i was at Kullu. I had no pre-booking for stay and cab, i just checked few home stays before leaving. After few phone calls and Google search i managed get a cab for Kasol. While on my way to kasol i researched for the home stays and hotels.

Below image taken on the way from Kullu To Katagla(Kasol) :

On the way to Katagla from Kullu

To my bad the cab driver was unable to locate any of the home stay that i tried to search on Airbnb or internet. Driver pulled over at one spot which was 3km away from Kasol, saying your hotel could be down 👇 there. I could only see a narrow channel of mud going down towards the beautiful river flowing at far end. 

I was unable to contact/call any of the home stays that i researched on my way and i was not sure about going down almost 500m with my luggage without any bookings. I just looked around wondering what should i do next, I saw hoarding for  “The white house” 😀.  Without any 2nd thought i called the number and they had accommodation available with genuine price, The guy over call was quite humble and they sent someone to help me with my bag and location. 

Initially the place seemed too far from the city and other amenities but it’s perfectly fine if you are looking for peaceful & pleasant stay. This place was all surrounded by magnificent lush green mountains and what makes it even more beautiful is the “Parvati Valley“. Parvati river flowing right in front of the guest house. View of entire village is breathtaking and picturesque.Checkout the pictures below from the white house.

Within few hours itself i knew that i am at perfect location.Internally i was way too happy that i booked the tickets and made my decision to travel Kasol. It was surely better then Goa. “The best decisions are made without thinking”😊this is so true. This trip was more of workcation for me as i was working as well during day hours. Working from mountains is for sure a different experience, that i had for the 1st time in my career. 

I was really awstuck by the beauty of this village. Few pictures that i couldn’t resist my self to click.

About Katagla and how to reach there

Katagla is small village 3km away from kasol. It’s very close to parvati river. Not much populated. Few locals here are running small shops and cafes. Katagla is very beautiful and peaceful location to breakout from monotonous life and for a peaceful vacation. This place is not so much famous as of now, so less number of tourists and minimal crowd. Katagla has its own pristine vibes. It’s astonishing and breathtaking views will leave you amazed. Village has small farms and apple orchards 🌳, Wooden houses with unique architecture.

How to reach Katagla

By Air To reach katagla nearest airport is Kullu-Manali Bhuntar airport. Distance from Bhuntar Airport to Katagla is approx 30KM. From here either you can take bus 🚌 to kasol or you can book a cab🚕. Locals will guide you about the bus stop and cab can be booked from airport itself or you will get multiple options online as well. You will have to get down at stop Shani Mandir, this is the closest stop for Katagla, after that you will have to walk aprox 500m.

By Bus there are numerous Volvo/AC buses running from Delhi and Chandigarh towards kasol on daily basis which you can take based on your comfort. In case you are alredy in kasol, There is also an option to trek from kasol to katagla. Which will take you around 30mins reach katagla from Kasol.

Stay at Katagla

This place has cafes,multiple home stays and camping⛺️ options, During my visit i stayed at “The white house” and “Perkup Hostel“. You will be able to find stay at very nominal rates. It starts from Rs400 pernight to Rs1500 pernight aprox. Different home stays have different types amenities. Wifi would be available in most of the guest houses and camps. Wifi is must because phone network is week in Katagla.

Airtel signals are limited in Katagla, Jio network works fine.

Below are the pictures from The white house and Perkup Hostels.

Perkup hostel is another cafe + hostel in Katagla. This place is always lively and colorful be it day or night. Here you can enjoy amazing interior and joyful vibes, they have superb sitting arrangmnets on terrace with few games in there. Apart from all that there is a magnificient mountain view from this place. Check out few pictures below:

Things to do in Katagla

  1. The Meraki cave : To taste some mouth watering food and drinks 🥘 🍲 you must visit this cafe. You can enjoy some customised food also, as chef at Meraki will give ample of options to choose from. This place has its own vibes.Checkout the pics below. Delicious food to treat your taste buds.

2. Katagla to Chalal Trek

I went to all different areas in Kasol, But this trek was something that i loved. Mostly because of the landscapes and surrounding. Lush green almost everywhere.The higher you climb, magnificent is the view. Small farms and apple 🍎 orchards all around.

Picture on the left is taken while trekking towards Chalal from katagla.

3. Memorable walk along the Parvati river : Yes, You need to do it, to feel it yourself. Constant gushing sound of river and heart touching scenic view ❤️.

There are few more cafes like Shiva cafe, Mountains calling cafe which you can try.

Other places to visit around Katagla

  1. Gurudwara Sahib Manikaran
  2. Malana
  3. Tosh
  4. Kasol
  5. Chalal Village

Checkout more details in my another post. I have added pictures and details for above places >>>. “Not To Miss” these places if you are travelling to kasol. For any other queries please drop a comment below will try to assist you on the same.

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