Barcelona Park Guell: A wonderful walk experience around the park and its artistic plenitude.

Barcelona Park Guell is a magnificent attraction of the town, Its is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Park Guell has an extensive garden with beautiful architecture. There are a few spots in the park from where you can see a magnificent view of Barcelona city. When I reached the place it was quiet and peaceful and could hear some birds chirping. Walking down towards the entrance there were a couple of tourists and a music band giving their best performances. I found multiple groups performing that day, Adding a few videos and pictures below from my visit.

It is suggested to book your tickets in advance for the entrance of the park, As they allow only a selected count of people inside and the counter tickets won’t be available for long hours. So plan accordingly. Plan to go early in the morning.

In the area that surrounds Park Guell you will see multiple music artists playing some musical instruments or even singing as well.

Some key things about Parc Guell

  1. Public Park: Parc Güell was originally conceived as a housing development project in the early 20th century but was never completed. It was later transformed into a public park and opened to the public in 1926. Visitors can explore the park’s winding pathways, vibrant mosaics, and architectural elements while enjoying panoramic views of Barcelona.

  2. Iconic Mosaics and Sculptures: The park is adorned with intricate mosaics made from colorful ceramic tiles and broken glass, known as “trencadís.” One of the most famous elements is the multicolored mosaic salamander, often called “El Drac” (The Dragon), which serves as a symbol of the park. You can also find numerous sculptures and benches with unique designs scattered throughout the park.

  3. Monumental Zone: While most of Parc Güell is open to the public for free, there is a designated Monumental Zone that requires paid admission. This area includes some of the most iconic structures, such as the colorful Hypostyle Room with its tilted columns, the mosaic-decorated bench, and Gaudí’s former residence, which is now a museum showcasing his life and work.

Parc Güell is not only a testament to Antoni Gaudí’s artistic genius but also a popular tourist attraction that offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of his architectural creations while enjoying panoramic views of Barcelona.


Amazing Flamenco dance performance in Barcelona. Spain 😍

It was a unique experience for me to visit this place, Do let me know if you have already visited or planning to visit. Please share your experience as well in the comments below. 

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Amazing photos and Videos,… and thank you for following my blog/website, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I am from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor..😀


My pleasure…

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