Amazing 1st Paragliding Experience. Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh. Best place in India for paragliding.”

So it was my 1st fly from a height of approx 8000ft above sea level. This place had very few people and may be less crowded due to the COVID situation, Few tourists, paragliding pilots, and also some students aspiring to be pilots.

The Mountain range visible from Billing is spectacular, the open wide mountain views with fresh air and the cool breeze are breathtaking. It was the month of November 2020, so it was a little bit cold but with the shining sun and clear blue sky, it was fine to be there. The picture below is off the main spot from where take-off usually happens.

Usually, pilots check the directions of the wind and its intensity before they can actually takeoff, Plus there are many other things that are observed for safe launch and flight by pilots. As per our pilot above location was not appropriate for take-off at that point in time, So we climbed even higher for a better take-off location. The more you climb and better the view of the mountains will be 😀👌.

Mesmerizing view 😄💁🏻‍♀️


The actual take-off point is (Image below), Where you actually have to run down the slope of the cliff to take off. It’s like being excited and worried at the same point in time.

I was totally excited about this and really wanted to do it, Saw a couple of people running down the slope along with the pilot and I was ready for it.


We are flying in the air after all the initial run and excitement.

It was absolute fun.

Finally Landing, It was very smooth and easy in significant huge Bir ground.

Sunset pictures from the Landing ground at Bir.

Check out my fantastic experience in the video below

It was indeed a perfect 1st experience. Please make sure to drop your comments below. 

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Superb loved it

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