Making life decisions easier…

Life has so much to teach every day and every minute.

We grow everyday and find our-self little more wiser every day. Every time we (or any human) think we are little more wiser to take better decisions in life;Still in certain situations of life each one of us get stuck in a deciding “WHAT’S WRONG” and “WHAT’S RIGHT”;especially when it comes to big decisions of our own life. Sometimes we just go on and on thinking about multiple pros and cons of the decision and still end up with same confusion.

Every time/Any time in taking any big decision in your life; Keep in mind that whatever you decide should make you happy. Dont decide anything based on others perception and feelings.Always make sure to first decide what counts most for you in your life and your happiness.Don’t give weightage to what world will think about your decisions and your choices.

Keep all the prospects of both (or all) sides in the picture while deciding and then make your decision. Once you take a decision make sure you stand for it. Believe in your own self , Believe in your decisions, Think positive. You can never ever go wrong in your life.  

Even if you make wrong decisions doesn’t mean you can’t correct them you will multiple opportunities in life when you can take new decisions to rectify your unwise decisions.

Your decisions in your life will come back to you only. So make your decisions wisely at every point in your life.

My point here is to emphasis on one’s own happiness, prosperity and belief.

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1 year ago

Good read

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