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I always have been a spontaneous person. Always excited for new experiences in life. I love to make frequent changes in life to avoid monotonous lifestyle. I was never glued to travelling 🧳 in my early life. I used to visit places mostly like a tourist and less like a traveller. Then year 2015 was like a rollercoaster in my entire life. I moved to Chennai, while scrolling on internet one day I saw pictures of beautiful Indian village located in the southern part of India and I really wanted to visit that place. Initially I was finding some company but then a thought was triggered, Why NOT SOLO? Soon after that i decided to make it a solo trip.

I booked the tickets and arranged everything; I was exited but on contrary i was also confused…. what would I do alone.??? But contradictory to my thought.. This trip turned out to be fantastic, way more fun than other trips I experienced in past. Solo trips has its own charm and excitement. This trip helped in building the confidence of travelling alone.

Later, I did few more solo trips in India, and that was real FUN. All this gave me a courage to do my 1st solo international trip in 2018. I planned Solo trip to Europe for 12 days( Spain, Norway and Netherlands), I enjoyed each & every bit of that. 😊. That feeling is still alive inside me. 

It was the time when I had whole new prospective to my life. My beliefs were redefined and so does my goals & dreams. I could interpret my feelings & thoughts better than before. Learned about resilience towards life and changing situations. Travelling solo has become the part of life now. And i enjoy it a lot.


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Greatest Bliss is to Love yourself.

I am Software analyst by profession and spend 80% of my day’s time with my office colleagues. I love talking to new people about their life and different experiences. Travel is one thing that really inspires me a lot. My passion here is to share my solo travel experience with everyone.Helping other woman as well in understanding there hidden potential and achieve there dreams independently.

 Started this blog on word press in year 2017 to portrait my real life experiences. I enjoy sharing my experience through this blogs. Thanks you for visiting my blog 😊✌️  … !! 

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