Being in Unconditional Love… And what Unconditional Love is….. ❤️.

Unconditional Love as the term suggests refers to “Selfless” love. Love with no limits and no conditions.

In unconditional love, you don’t want another person to change, whereas you will accept 100% as they are. With unconditional love, you won’t blame someone else for how you feel, and you will take full control of all your feelings and emotions. Holding a strong intensity to love someone whatever the conditions are.

The term “Love” is misunderstood many times. People usually think they will feel love/loved with their better half/partner or boyfriends/girlfriends but that’s total nonsense. Love can be felt in any relationship, Be it with your parents, your siblings, your close friends, or even with your pet. Love is a feeling of complete “Bliss”. Feeling loved is not dependent on others or outside conditions it’s all within you. You have to love yourself and focus on the good things.

Unconditional Love makes you Emotionally strong

We usually feel if someone can meet my definition of love then they love us otherwise not. Whereas in reality feeling of love is different for different individuals. Expression of love differs from person to person. If you learn to love unconditionally you learn to be happy despite varying conditions. Which gives you full power to control your feelings and thoughts, that’s when you realize the strength of unconditional love.<

I love the feeling of loving you and what you feel about it is irrelevant. I love the feeling of loving you.


Unconditional Love gives you the power to be “BE WHO YOU ARE”

If your love is not dependent on another person’s behavior, situation, and looks it will be unconditional and you will always be happy with that. You would never have to be pretentious to impress someone. You will be strong enough to express your thoughts and emotions without the fear of being Judged. Also, have strong control over your feelings and can make mature decisions in a relationship. You’ll feel the boss of your own life and no one in this world will have the power to hurt you emotionally & mentally.

Unconditional Love is the Total Acceptance of someone

Acceptance is the way we can build a strong understanding relationship. Questioning someone’s beliefs, actions and behavior will never bring out a healthy loving relationship. Everyone wants to be heard. Give freedom of expression in your relations so your family, friends, or husband can walk up to you and talk about the most insane feelings/thoughts without any fear.

Be in love regardless of condition, be who you are, and don’t stop yourself. Situations can be worse, people might misbehave, or hurt, and life might not turn out the way you wanted it, Just relax and focus on solutions rather than problems.


Unconditional love doesn’t mean to love someone more than yourself, it never asks you to live a life of restrictions or boundaries. Living to others’ expectations or tolerating abuse. Take your stand maintain your dignity and respect yourself.

If you know how to respect and love yourself you will have lots and lots of love to give. Always remember there is only ONE thing you can control in this world: your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS. Never provide this remote control to someone else. Never make your feelings dependent on someone else. As soon as the other person changes… you going to be in a mess.!

I want to hear from you people on this topic. Please drop a comment if you think differently or if you have any other thoughts on this. I would love to hear from each one of you. ..!

Thanks 🙏 for stopping by and reading my blog.  

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Why are people not talking about this. There are so many expectations in relationships that it breaks the rship itself.

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